ipcGUARD™ Components

The ipcGUARD™ is a dust abatement tool that creates a localized negative-pressure construction area environment as prescribed in CSA Z317.13-17 Preventative Measures during minor dust-generating maintenance activities in an operating health care facility.

When used in accordance with applicable CSA standards, health care facility best practices, ipcGUARD™ standard operating procedures, and an approved health care facility Preventive Measures Analysis (PMA), the tool is a suitable aid for constructors to perform CSA Z317.13-17 Preventative Measures I, II, III, or IV, during Construction Activity Types A or B. 

The ipcGUARD™ is a vessel per CSA Z317.13-17 §

Required Accessories

Nilfisk HEPA vacuum and supply hose operated in accordance with CSA Z317.13-17 §6.6.3.

Grey Tools – Tool cart, construction cleaned daily, adequate to support the ipcGUARD™, provide a suitable ipcGUARD™ stowage condition during transit and storage, and house the HEPA vacuum above the health care facility floor during operation.

Ergotron Monitor arm, or equivalent to provide support and adequate articulation for various positions of work.

Quality multi-surface Painter’s tape that readily adheres to work surface and the flange surface. Disinfectant wet-wipes in adequate quantity to achieve construction clean condition.