Breakthrough in Economics

An example of the incredible savings provided by the ipcGUARD™ was the install of 6 computer brackets in the Intensive Care Unit. As ICU is a critical patient care area it is considered to be a Category 4 Dust Control environment. This requires the highest level of dust control to perform the work.


Reduce Maintenance Time by Hours

Up to 90% Cost Reduction

Reduce Unavailability Costs

Reduced Material Costs

Using traditional hoarding the breakdown for this work was estimated as follows:

Time Element: 

  • 2-3 Hours of hoarding and negative air setup per bracket (12-18 hours total)
  • 10-15 minutes to install each bracket (60-90 minutes total)
  • 1-2 hours of cleanup and removal of hoarding per bracket (6-12 hours total) 

Total Time Estimated: 31.5 hours 

Cost Element: 

  • Space unavailability cost impact* $1,000/day x 4 days = $4,000
  • Labor (31 hours @ $80/hour) 31 hours x $80/hour = $2,480

* The space unavailability cost impact is a fee incurred by our P3 partner (Honeywell) any time a space is deemed unavailable. For the ICU spaces and the areas where the transfer poles were installed the fee incurred by Honeywell is $1,000/day per space. 

Cost impact not including materials or normal consumables $6,480 

Using the ipcGUARD™ resulted in greater than 98% savings with the breakdown as follows:

Time Element: 

  • 2-3 minutes of setup time per bracket (12-18 minutes total)
  • 5-8 minutes of install work per bracket (30-48 minutes total)
  • 90 seconds of cleanup per bracket (9 minutes total) 

Total Actual Time: 1.25 hours 

Cost Element 

  • Labor 1.25 hours x $80/hour= $100 

Total Estimated Cost: $ 6,480
Total Actual Cost: $ 100
Cost Savings: $ 6,380
Savings Percentage: 98.46%